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  • We are factory authorized Trane Equipment dealer throughout Georgia. In addition to installing and servicing this high quality equipment, we also can service all other brands. As a trained specialist in zoned systems, we can ensure that even temperatures are maintained throughout the entire house. Effective zone installations can often eliminate the need for a second or third unit providing substantial saving for both the equipment and the amount of energy you consume. Couple with high quality.. filtration and humidifying systems, we can make sure you live in a controlled and comfortable environment. Call us for a free energy audit analysis and let us show you how quality work can save you major dollars now and in the years to come. 


    One of my first work trucks. Yes it is large and uses a lot of fuel, but I can have all the tools, and spare parts that I need on a job.By the way , I'm proud of my tools. I have only Hilti hand tools( German quality ), American , Japonese and Swiss made tools. No China junk on my truck. I belive that in order to do a good quality job, you need good tools. I'm not the average disposable guy, I like to buid something to last a lifetime. I hate this cheap world around me , where everything is built cheap ( throwaway ) and last cheap.
    Did you know that one of the synonim words for throwaway is also wasteful ? Long time ago I visited a technical ( transporation ) museum in Germany in a town called Sinsheim. I was student at a University in Budapest and the school took us in a trip.It was an amazing , huge museum starting from bysicles trough simple motors , tanks, locomotives and even air planes. I stopped at a simple diesel engine made somewhere in the 1917 . It was a well motor. It had the following original instruction manual with it; " if you change the oil in time , keep the coolant at the optimum level , and you take good care of it , this motor will serve you well . It will serve you , your sons and your grand sons after you. This is my mentality . I'm not trying to be the cheapest guy in town but I'm doing everything in my power and ability to be the best guy in town.  The best quality on the market today.